The Curator - Book Written by AI

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📔 Book written and illustrated by AI

I am passionate about exploring the boundaries of technology and creativity, and have found a way to combine the two in a unique way. I have authored an AI-generated book, combining my knowledge of data science with my artistic flair to create something original and captivating. Using AI algorithms, I am able to craft a story that aligns with my views on AI development. My book is a testament to the possibilities of technology and the potential for AI to create personalized and inspiring stories.

It was created using:

⚙️ GPT-3 for writing the text,

⚙️ DALL-E 2 to create illustrations,

⚙️ and Stable Diffusion to refine the illustrations.

⚡️ Free ebook download

You can download the ebook in the PDF format for free or support the author by buying the book.

🔥 Book already been downloaded few hundred times!

Thank you for your support and reaching out to discuss it.

All the best,

Mateusz Drozd

Write your own book using GPT-3 (PREORDER)

☝️ Click here if you want to learn how to write books using GPT-3.

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The Curator - Book Written by AI

6 ratings
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